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A professional headshot is an opportunity to make people take notice; for you to stand out from the crowd. It creates a first impression before people have met you. Business portraits should convey your personality and professionalism. What to wear for a professional headshot is a common question and something you need to think about in the days before your shoot.

How to Choose the Right Wardrobe

When choosing what to wear for a professional headshot, you must keep the purpose and audience in mind and ensure your wardrobe is in sync. Your wardrobe is an opportunity to show some individuality and personality but be careful it doesn't distract the audience and draw attention away from you.

Find out the session backdrop so you can create a contrast with your wardrobe. Remember that studio lighting will affect the colors you wear with bolder and darker colors using fairing better.

Perhaps most importantly, choose something comfortable; it will help you feel good and allow you to be yourself.

What Should Men Wear for a Professional Headshot

A jacket with or without a tie is always a good option for men, with the tie largely dependent on your audience. Take your cue from your boss, and you won't go wrong. If you opt for a tie, match it with your jacket lapels; for example, with wide lapels, go for a wide tie.

Different colors convey different messages. Dark colors tend to be formal and authoritative, while lighter colors make you appear more approachable and friendly. A contrast between your jacket, shirt, and tie creates a powerful image and a feeling of authority. It will also look good in both color and black and white photos.

Solid colors work best. A white shirt with a solid color tie of any color will always look good, especially with a dark jacket. If you prefer a color shirt, go with a lighter color shirt under a dark jacket and a darker color shirt under a light jacket.

What Should Women Wear for a Professional Headshot

Women have a wider range of choices in attire with a business jacket or blazer, shirt or blouse only, or a dress, all good options. Solid medium to dark colors with pops of color always looks great. Pay particular attention to your neckline; ideally, it should stop before the photo crop, so choose an outfit with a higher neckline. Similarly, sleeveless dresses can look good but only if it is acceptable within your industry.

To create contrast, consider using accessories to add a splash of color but be wary of overdoing it. Scarves are ideal but don't let the scarf overwhelm your clothes; it is the accessory, not the focus. Classic jewelry conveys professionalism., but If you are wearing a pendant necklace, make sure the pendant will appear above the crop. For earrings, stick with either simple metallic or gemstone studs. Long earrings tend to get lost in hair and add little.

Keep your makeup simple and understated. Your makeup should be natural and reflect your professional look. A makeup artist can be a worthwhile investment bearing in mind everyday makeup will look different under studio lighting.

What You Should Not Wear for a Professional Headshot

There are some standard rules regarding what not to wear for a professional headshot. Avoid large patterns on clothing. It tends to distract the viewer's attention. For the same reason, avoid wearing clothing with logos and pictures or over-accessorizing. Keep in mind, you, not your clothing, are the star of this show.

For women, revealing or partially see-through clothing should be avoided. It creates a less professional tone and can impact the impression of the audience.

Old or worn out and overly casual outfits should be also be avoided. Even in industries with a more relaxed dress policy, it is worth dressing up for professional headshots, if only to make you feel good and boost your confidence for the photoshoot.

Your professional headshot should be a reflection of who you are. While the attire you choose is important, it is even more important that you are happy and comfortable so your personality can shine.

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