Metroplex Headshots: Capturing Authenticity in Every Click

Crafting Professional, Consistent, and Engaging Headshots Across Diverse Industries

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Our Specialty

Specializing in professional and executive headshots, we serve clients in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area and beyond. Our unique approach to capturing genuine expressions, a process referred to as "facial coaching," allows us to showcase each client's unique personality in their headshot.

Our Clients

From new employees to C-Suite teams of Fortune 100 companies, we cater to a wide range of clients. We work diligently to ensure a consistent look for all employees within a company, no matter the team size.

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Our Process

For larger groups, we conveniently set up at the client's location. Our services also extend to working with companies on an ongoing basis, photographing new hires in our studio to match the look of the existing team. We specialize in group composites, allowing for easy addition or removal of team members.

Session Details

Each of our photography sessions, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours, offers a tailored experience with the opportunity for outfit and background changes. We also offer the services of a professional makeup artist for the best results under studio lighting.

Image Delivery

We deliver images in full-resolution digital format, with sizes customized for various platforms. Printed versions are available for an additional cost. Clients receive a full licensing release with their purchase, and light post-processing is included in the cost.

Our Broad Reach

While our focus is professional headshots, we also cater to students in medical residency programs, high school seniors applying for scholarships, dental practices, political candidates, and more. Collaborations with other photographers also allow us to offer branding and event photography on a case-by-case basis.

About Traci schowmeyer

Traci Schowmeyer, the heart of Metroplex Headshots, began her journey in commercial photography in 1999. Today, she specializes in headshots, enjoying the controlled atmosphere and the opportunity to meet people from diverse industries.

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Our Commitment to Community

Traci's philosophy extends beyond quality work to active engagement in the community and a generous spirit. Her dedication to her craft and the people she serves is evident in her work and her participation in community initiatives, such as the 10,000 Headshots day in June 2020. At Metroplex Headshots, we always give back.