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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear for a professional headshot?

Keep it simple, neutral colors work best, but not skin tone. V-necks are most flattering for ladies along with 3/4 length sleeves. Steer clear of sleeveless. Both ladies and gents need well fitting clothing, nothing to flowing for ladies and guys don’t look like you’re wearing your dad’s suit. Jewelry should be simple and necklaces usually reflect the strobe lights. If it’s just a headshot you can wear comfy shorts and flip flops!

How do I properly groom for a professional headshot?

Professional make up artist is highly recommended for the ladies, and if you can get in to your hair salon that’s always a good idea. Gentlemen, please trim your nose hair, beard and neck! Don’t worry about teeth, I will whiten those a bit in post production.

Can you make me look 20 pounds thinner in a professional headshot?

In short, yes. I however will NOT make you look like someone you are not. I do some face thinning on most people, but nothing obvious, you just look amazing. We will work together during your shoot to help you feel the best about you and your pictures. While there are Photoshop techniques for making someone skinny, we’d rather choose the right lens, light and position to help you look your best!

My eyes aren’t the same size can you make one bigger?

Yes, however, everyone has one eye smaller than the other. You’re beautiful.

How long before I get my headshot images?

Within 48 hours. Unless we are extracting and placing clients on a different background, that delivery is up to one week.

Is a headshot the same price if I’m only there 20 minutes and not 2 hours?

Session fee is the same. You are paying for my experience and years behind the camera not your time in front of the camera. It’s like paying for the partner in the law firm, or the kid who just got out of law school.

Can take professional headshots at our office?

Yes! We can shoot up to 50 people in one day. We have a full mobile studio and the beauty of us coming to you is that every one of your pictures will look the same. We’ll set up in a convenient place and space people 5-10 minutes apart so everyone has enough time to get the picture they want! We have a mobile option for instant selection so everyone can pick their favorite shot and not leave it up to us or someone at your business.

Can’t any photographer do headshots?

No. A great headshot photographer is a mix of Equipment, Technique and a Photographer who can coax a great natural look out of you. In a world where literally everyone is a Photographer now, finding someone who specializes at all three of these is rare. I love the challenge of making a single picture to represent you to the rest of the world. Talking with you and then knowing what to try is something that’s taken years to develop and it sets us apart from other photographers. We’re especially good with people who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera! We’ll make it super easy for you!

This is all I do, no babies, brides or bluebonnets. A photographer who does every type of photography is like a buffet, the food is ok, none of it great.

Will my professional headshot be edited?

Yes! We do basic portrait editing on everything you pay for. This includes color, contrast, exposure and some basic edits to skin, eyes and hair. We can do additional edits for heavy acne and blemish removal and we’ll discuss everything you’re concerned about with you after we look at the pictures to determine if we can include it in the base price or we’ll need to charge you extra for. If your hair is crazy on the day of your shoot, its probably going to look crazy in your pictures. We can erase a few fly-away hairs but if you just walked in from a wind storm without a brush, we’ll talk you through what options we have for you!. If we’re doing your makeup, we guarantee that we’ll make your skin look great! Our base editing style is a clean, natural smooth look with distractions removed without drastically changing what you look like.

How will I select my professional headshot?

We shoot headshot sessions tethered to a computer. This means that your pictures pop up on our computer screen right as we’re shooting. We’ll take breaks during your shoot to evaluate the looks we’re getting and to allow both of us to discuss other ideas. The pictures you see initially are what we call “RAW” meaning they have zero processing. We’ll pick your favorites based on smiles, eyes, posture and lighting and then the edits will come later. Before you leave your session, you’ll have selected the pictures you love and that you want us to edit for you as well as looked at some possible suggestions for editing style.

Can you cut the background out of my headshot?

Yes! If you are wanting to shoot pictures specifically for web page use where you may need to be added on top of other graphics etc vs a headshot in a box, we can also supply you with a “cut out” version at an additional cost. Its helpful to know in advance what color you’ll be added to (if you know it) because it affects the backgrounds we may choose to shoot against. If you need full body or portraits shot for cut-out and delivered with transparent backgrounds, please let us know in advance and we’ll quote you prices for that additional work. You’ll also get versions with the background included.

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Metroplex headshots was proud to be a part of 10,000 Headshots which provided 10,000 unemployed Americans nationwide with a complimentary, professional headshot to include with their resumes and post to job sites such as LinkedIn and other social media.


Traci is a Certified Professional Photographer, mom, wife, collaborator, adventure seeker, and a crazy fun professional photographer! Her work has been featured in local magazines and national trade publications.

Traci’s goal is to create a relaxed, fun and professional environment so you are comfortable - which helps bring out your unique personality and style. This results in the perfect headshot! We don't photograph babies, brides or bluebonnets, just business. You wouldn't go to a podiatrist for back pain, don't go to a family photographer for your professional headshot! (Or cousin Eddie with his "good camera"). You're worth it, so call us!

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